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See what Grub has to offer and how it extraordinarily simplifies your workflow.

How Grub works in 7 steps.

  • Client Identification

    All compliance information - swift and thorough - using the data of Companyinfo.

  • Risk Classification

    All relevant risks, directly accessible thanks to smart questionnaires objectively-calculated risk scores,

  • Client Acceptance

    All information, structured and in the correct place. All information remains available.

  • Assignment Acceptance

    Independantly insured; including a check with the assignment profile. That's easy.

  • Assignment Continuation

    Objective risk indicators are quickly and easily accessible, keeping client files up to date.

  • Grub Alert

    Provides insight into changes in the client portfolio. Grub Alerts keep you on edge!

  • Grub Reports

    Reports for all risk indicators and much more. This provides insight, a complete overview and full control.

Just Grub!

Every accountant, Wwft-compliant from now on. Client and Assignment Acceptance becomes a piece of cake. Just Grub! The result: a lot of time spare for your clients; time otherwise spent on administrative obligations.

Why Grub works for your organisation.

Grub unburdens and gives you and the whole organisation security and space. The correct questionnaires, the correct and current background information on the clients; all documented and the ability to share internal. Grub isn’t just very user friendly: it’s THE solution.

The smart data of and the compliance tools of ComplianceWise.

UBO-information, PEP-check, questionnaires, structure overview. Risk profile. Assignment check. Client file, headache? Not anymore! Say goodbye to the era of manually searching and securing. Your client file stays up-to-date and reliable, thanks to the information provided by and the proven technology of ComplianceWise,

  • Guus Ham

    Director NOVAK

    The trustworthy data and proven technology of Grub provides up-to-date client files for our members.

  • John Corbeel

    Owner Corbeel accountants & advisors

    Our laws and legislation become increasingly more complex. Including the obligations in the context of the Wwft (Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act). There is no complete file for securing Wwft-obligations so far. Documents are spread out over different files; Grub ends this mess. Everything is clear, in one application and contains all the desired information from This means more efficiency for our MKB-accountants.

  • Endymion M. Struijs

    Owner/RA ENDYMION Amsterdam

    For ENDYMION Amsterdam, Studio for Contemporary Public Audit, regulatory tech propositions, like Grub are crucial for the quality and, partly in light of the NBA-renewal agenda, sustainable growth of the accountants organisation who focuses on the niche market of the company in the financial and tech sector. In a way: "Noblesse oblige."

  • Paul van Ginkel

    Query BV

    Thanks to Grub, you can tie all loose ends in a web, instead of fetching data from everywhere and nowhere just to keep your file in order.